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Commercial Loans

Whether you are looking to purchase real estate, buy new equipment, or supplement your cash flow, Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America offers a variety of commercial loans to fit your business needs. Our product line consists of:

Real Estate Mortgages
Real Estate Mortgages can be used to purchase or refinance real estate from which a commercial business operates, or to acquire income producing or investment real estate.  Citizens State Bank offers a variety of real estate programs to meet your needs and is an SBA approved lender. 
Equipment and Machinery Loans
Whether you're a Sole Proprietor, a Corporation, or something in-between, if you're looking to purchase or refinance equipment and/or machinery for a commercial business operation, Citizens State Bank should be your bank.  Our focus on customer service insures you'll receive timely and accurate responses to your credit requests.
Operating Loans
Our operating loans have terms that are based on the expected use of the equipment and offer repayment plans that are structured to fit with your cash flow stream while featuring competitive fixed and variable interest rates.
Lines of Credit
Secured by the assets of the business, a line of credit can provide ready access to funds whenever needed, without the inconvenience and delay of credit approval for each advance. A revolving line lets you borrow, repay, and re-borrow the funds any number of times during the life of the credit. 

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