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Debit Card Alerts

 To report a lost or stolen card call: (800) 383-8000

 To report suspected fraud on your account call: (866) 508-2693


SHAZAM BOLT$.  The mobile app that alerts a debit card holder to potential fraud!

Card fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated every day.  Citizens State Bank works hard to protect your privacy and debit card security, but the fact is you are in the best position to detect fraud as it happens.  With the SHAZAM BOLT$ app, you are notified in nearly real-time when suspicious card activity occurs.  You know if the purchase was authorized by you, allowing you to immediately notify the bank of any fraudulent transactions, or quickly turn off your card by using Transaction Control.  We’ll then work to put a stop to it, keeping your account safe.


The alerts are sent via email and can be customized by you to include: purchases above set amounts you specify, transactions generated via phone or internet, and suspicious or high risk transactions like international purchases.  For more information and a list of frequently asked questions, click here.


SHAZAM BOLT$ provides a transaction control feature that allows you to easily turn your card on and off. Use the app on your phone or log into SHAZAM BOLT$ on your computer. We think this a great feature that gives you more control. If you can’t find your card, you can turn it off until you do find it. If you don’t find your card, you have stopped anyone from being able to use it fraudulently. If you want peace of mind and are not going to be using your card for a while, you can shut it off and turn it back on when you need it, right on your phone.


In addition to the alerts, SHAZAM BOLT$ offers a surcharge free ATM locator. The ATM Locator can be accessed from the login screen and uses GPS technology. No matter where you travel, as long as you have your mobile device you’re able to locate and select nearby ATMs, including surcharge-free Privileged Status terminals, and get directions. It's simple, fast, and very handy!

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