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 Making a Positive Impression


The content you will find throughout these pages is a clear reflection of Citizens State Bank and its employees. Please look through this newsletter when you have an opportunity. 

Our customers seem to agree that the bank is getting the important (often referred to as “the little”) things right. We feel the business of the bank must be in line with the values of our customers. Our customers appreciate the fact that we live out who we say we are. 

I am thankful that so many of our customers volunteer to put together a few sentences that describe their feelings toward and impressions of the bank. Each one of these experiences is unique, yet my hope is that the common theme throughout the years is that the bank cares about and is responsive to the needs of our customers. You will find two more great examples of this a few pages back.  

Citizens State Bank makes it a priority to re-invest in our community. We are an active member of our community and we support a wide variety of causes, projects, and organizations both financially and with human capital. For example, the bank has provided scholarship funds to high school graduates for many years. Citizens State Bank has maintained commitments not only to our customers for many years, but also to many causes like sponsoring Pheasants Forever for 24 years and Ducks Unlimited for over 30 years.

Please make note inside of some exciting staff milestones and developments. Marilee has retired after 24 ½ years of service and Kathy has retired after 17 ½ years of service. These are two great employees who excelled in their roles and who served our customers with professionalism and care. 


Citizens State Bank has a high standard to maintain when it comes to the quality of our employees, so with the retirements of Marilee and Kathy we had big shoes to fill. Fortunately, we had an opportunity to add two fantastic employees to the team. Our customers will be pleased with the capabilities and personalities of Martha and Deb.

Each year the bank recognizes employees who have completed another 5-year increment of employment with the bank. In 2017 we had five employees who completed an incredible, combined 95 years of employment at Citizens State Bank. As of year-end 2017, our 22 employees had a combined 418 years of employment with the bank for an average of 19 years per employee. I feel this is very impressive as it demonstrates stability and a long-term commitment between the bank, its employees, and customers. 

While we do offer top-notch technology, customer relationships are built on the fact that we make an effort to know and understand our customers. The entire staff knows we must focus on determining and fulfilling the needs of our customers. We also hold ourselves to high standards for ethical conduct and we have the upmost respect for the trust our customers have placed in us. Decisions are made locally with a long-term perspective for the benefit of our customers.

To customers who have started their relationship with us weeks or decades ago, and everything in between - Thank you! For those who are ready to experience a banking relationship that values and respects them as a unique customer – Welcome!

Person to person. Neighbor to neighbor.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.



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