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Taking Into Account the Unique Circumstance of Each Customer


We believe it is our responsibility to approach each customer’s banking needs in the context of their specific situation. Many of our competitors can’t make local decisions. Your circumstances are supposed to somehow plug into our competitors’ rigid corporate templates. At Citizens State Bank, you are working directly with the people who will create solutions specifically for you.
Other banks use policies that are crafted and enforced from afar as a justification for their “this is the way we do it” stance. At Citizens State Bank we don’t use our policies as an excuse. We have a local focus and clear direction allowing us to offer options that work for both our customers and the bank. For example, we have E-Statements available for those customers who choose to receive their monthly statement electronically via on-line banking. Unlike our competitors, we do not penalize you with a monthly service charge if a paper statement is a better fit for your lifestyle.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to do your banking at Citizens State Bank. Our bankers want to work for you. You get to know us and we get to know you. You receive better outcomes at Citizens because you have the benefit of local experts who are on the level and who present honest, square deals. I continue to be shocked by the news that is still spilling out about the standard business practices of our mega-bank competitors and the schemes used over many years to systematically rip-off customers. Because we believe honest and ethical treatment of customers is paramount, it amazes me that these banks, which have been caught red-handed, still have customers who are hanging around for their turn to be mistreated.
We are dedicated to creating customer service experiences that inspire our customers to recommend Citizens State Bank to their friends and neighbors. It is no accident that our customers truly feel valued and respected as a unique individual.
Person to person. Neighbor to neighbor.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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